Workshop space

The Bothy offers a large open space to run workshops, gentle exercise classes, retreats, talks or screenings.  A self-contained annex, with full washroom and shower, tea and coffee making facilities as well as a refrigerator and dishwasher.  The space has a gentle vibe and is both versatile and comfortable for hour long classes or full day retreats.  

Parking is available.

Recent talks, workshops and hires have included:

- Ghosts of Hampshire, a talk and drinks reception - a 2 hour evening event

- A workshop run by Mindshift Mentor, Rachel Maunder - a weekend workshop running from 10 - 4pm

- Pilates for you - an introduction to Pilates - a weekday morning 1 hr 15 min class

- Nature's Wish - learn about Flower, Crystal and Environmental Essences, a day long workshop with lunch included



Nature's Wish Workshop, 1 Day Workshop

Come and spend a day learning about Flower, Crystal and Environmental Essences and the sense of well-being that they can bring to your life.

You will learn about the history of essences, how they are made, how to select and take your essences, and the many ways that they can be used.

There will be information given on Nature's Wish essences and you will go home with a combination essence that you have selected yourself, along with a lotion that you blend with essential oils, and also reference material.

Lunch and refreshments are included.  £70 per person.  If you are interested in attending and would like details of Amy's next one day workshop please email:



Systemic Constellation Workshops
The Felt Space at The Bothy

Family, or Systemic Constellations, is a trans-generational approach which explores an individual’s place within the (family) system they belong to.  When a family system is in balance, the underlying forces of love and belonging can flow freely and nurture everyone within it. 
But heavy fates, our own or of those who came before us, can interrupt this flow and cause unseen ties and loyalties that manifest themselves in the way we lead our lives.  This can lead to psychological as well as physical symptoms such as chronic pain, depression, relationship issues, feelings of insecurity, or being lost.

In a workshop with Julia Kirby from 'The Felt Space' you create a living map of your situation. This can help uncover these hidden dynamics, tend to what arises and bring change and movement to what is stuck. Tapping into the new pictures experienced during a workshop – be it from one’s own constellation or from representing in the system of another – can give us strength and energy to fully take our place in life and realise more of our deeper purpose and potential.

For more information, please visit 
or email Julia:

Future workshop dates to be announced.


Local Dru Yoga expert Sue Davis runs 90 minute Dru Yoga and Meditation classes in the Bothy. Classes are suitable for all abilities, all fitness levels and all age groups.  Sue specialises in prenatal and back care yoga.

Dru Yoga is a particularly beautiful type of yoga that is all inclusive and very restorative.  It works on the body, mind and spirit, improving flexibility, creating core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity.  It is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.  

Dru Yoga can:

- reduce back pain

- improve flexibility of the spine

- increase energy levels

- improve breathing

- reduce and help control stress levels

- improve mood

- improve emotional balance

For day long workshops please contact Sue on 07889 192649.


The Bothy is now equipped with a full cinema sound and vision system.  This will be available to hire for presentations and screenings.  Please take a look at the Sofa Cinema Club section of the site for technical details.